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This Wonderful Shivling is for MY BABA,SHADHAK NIRMALANANDA.




“Mahashivratri yogiyon ka diwas hai,isliye is din sabhi manav jati ko yog ke liye ahvahan






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Ishwar - God Supreme Being
- Discipline of Life
- Rightful Duties
Love - Essence of God 
- Ego and selfless service
- Concentration of mind
There are many ways of achieving Paramanand. If you look at the
Om Kriya Yantra, you will see that the Om (BRAHMANAD) is in the 
middle. It is possible to receive this Antar Spandan by following any 
of the paths, Ishwar, Sadhana, Karma, Love, Seva, Meditation, in the yantra.
(Om Kriya Yantra)
Om : Brahmanad
Three Circles : Gunas (Qualities)
Four Gates : Directions
Lotus : Elements that comprise the body
Upwards Triangle : Shiva
Downward Triangle : Shakti


गुरु -विचार:-
  1. अपने ह्रदय में "गुरु" स्थापन करना समस्त देवताओं को स्थापन करने से भी ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है.:-(ऋग्वेद)
  2. जीवन की सर्वोच्च उपलब्धि भजन -कीर्तन ,पूजा-पाठ  की अपेक्षा "गुरु-पूजन" ही है.:- (गुरु- उपनिषद)
  3. चारों  पुरुषार्थों -धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष-की प्राप्ति केवल गुरु-पूजन के द्वारा संभव है.:-(याज्ञवल्क्य)
  4. जीवन की पवित्रता ,दिव्यता, तेजस्विता, एवं परम शांति केवल गुरु-पूजन के द्वारा ही संभव है.:-(ऋषि विश्वामित्र)
  5. "गुरु-पूजा" से बढ़कर और कोई विधि या सार नहीं है.:-(शंकराचार्य)
  6. समस्त भौतिक  एवं आध्यात्मिक  उपलब्धियों का आदर मात्र गुरु-पूजन है.:-(आरण्यक)
  7. जो प्रातः काल गुरु -पूजन नहीं करता ,उसका सारा समय,साधना एवं तपस्या व्यर्थ हो जाती है.:-(रामकृष्ण)
  8. गुरु-पूजा के द्वारा ही "इष्ट" के दर्शन संभव है.:-(गोरखनाथ)
  9. संसार का सार "मनुष्य जीवन" है, और मनुष्य जीवन का सार गुरु-धारण,गुरु-स्मरण एवं गुरु-पूजन है.:-(सिधाश्रम)


सभी को शुभ कामनाएँ आश्रम की ओर से -आप उन्नति करे और फले फूले.
ऋषि राकेश

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Kindly attach these attached snakes

My feelings for your consideration

Sat Gurudev  I admire you words and your work for help us in our walking, because really your lessons help us for be better, help us to change for our wellness. Listen your words, read your words, be with you (now from my soul) make me understand the love that you are feeling in your heart  and  I see  the demonstration of it love through your actions for with all. 

Their actions God bless and your soul always be go accompanied by the power of God, so that you can help and assist others in their walk, like  the moon in the nigth to the walker.

‎"Like electricity, the Light is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it. I have come for that."


Mere Rājakumāra

My beloved  dwells in my heart all day and each day.

In the shadow of the mountain I'm waitin for the  meeting with my moon and some inside of me tell me that it no too far, it coming soon, after all how much take the moon to arrive after the sun appear?, it is nothing for all life together.

I want that my Rājakumāra feel it from his inside,  my words are no only hopeful.  I hope it be a reality soon.

My handsome Rājakumāra my eyes want see you soon for taste the sweetness of the moonlight in your heart.

My nouse is smeeling  love and my heart is touched for it, my heart now is moved for your love.

The patience and wisdom to expect is essential, specialy in it moment of our lifes.

"...and I said gently:
you know the distance,
is like the wind
off the small fire
but turn on those great"


Regards: Rahul Adhikari


मेरे गुरूजी ...
मेरे गुरूजी को भला किसी परिचय की क्या आवश्यकता ? वे कोई सूर्य थोड़े ही हैं जो रात्रिकाल में लुप्त हो जायें; वे चन्द्रमा भी नहीं जो मात्र रात्रि में ही दृष्टिगोचर हों | वे देव भी नहीं हैं क्योंकि वे कथाओं, शास्त्रों, मान्यताओं तक ही सीमित नहीं हैं और वे साधारण मनुष्य भी नहीं हैं क्योंकि वे सिद्ध हैं, ज्ञानी हैं, पूर्ण पुरुष हैं |
मेरे गुरूजी तो मात्र मेरे गुरूजी हैं | वे मेरी माता भी हैं, पिता भी और मार्गदर्शक भी | वे मेरे सर्वोत्तम मित्र हैं तथा मेरी सर्वाधिक मूल्यवान निजी संपत्ति भी | वे मेरे प्राण हैं अतैव मेरी अजरता, अमरता के स्रोत हैं | सारांश यह है की वे मेरे जीवन का सार हैं | जैसे मैं उनका परिचय हूँ वे मेरा परिचय हैं |
मेरे गुरूजी सहीं अर्थों में भारतीय ऋषि हैं, जिनके चरणों में बैठना ही एक सुखद अनुभव है, जीवन की पूर्णता है | वे तपस्वी हैं, सन्यासी हैं, गृहस्थ हैं, विद्वान हैं, श्रेष्ठतम शिष्य हैं, महानतम गुरु हैं, सर्वज्ञ हैं, सर्वस्व हैं फिर भी निरहंकार हैं, निर्विकार हैं |
मेरे गुरूजी तो केवल मेरे गुरूजी हैं ...
परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नमः
-- गुरूजी के श्री चरणों में नतमस्तक एक शिष्यSHADHAK NIRMALANAND

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Flames taken the figure of mataji

flames taken the figure of mataji

Panchmukhi Nag Deveta




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Ageless Great Himalayan Sage Pratah Smarniya Yogiraj 1008 Sri Sri Barphani Dadaji is Sat Chit Anand Swaroop. Purity can be difined by him..Legend is that, while meditating in the Himalayas, his body was covered with snow, hence his name 'Barfani'. Yogi Raj Barfani Dada was born in the Dodi Kheda Village on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, in a royal family.His father, having no issues, had married thrice. Finally he became a disciple of Sant Dhuni Waale Dada ji of Sai Kheda. The saint blessed two of his wives and told them that they should pledge the youngest of their to-be-born sons to a saintly sect. Both the wives had two sons each, of which Barfani Dada was the youngest. Hence at the age of 8, his father took him to the Ashram of Dhuni Waale Dada ji and pledged him to the Saint. In those days , Saint Arjun Das Maharaj of Ayodhya was camping there. Dhuni Waale Dada ji put Barfani Dada under Arjun Das Maharaj's tutelage. Shri Barfani Dadaji travelled all over India with the saint. He attained knowledge of Sanskrit, Religion, Philosophy, Mathematics and Ayurveda under the tutelage of Shri Kela Brahmachari of Varanasi. Shri Barfani Dadaji then left for the Himalayas to meditate.

In the Himalayas, he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pithorgarh, Tibet and Mansarovar temples and engaged himself in rigorous meditation attaining rare powers. He also learnt the secrets of meditation from the saint of Gyanganj, Paramhans Phuleri Baba. In 1930, the Dadaji relinquished his old body and attained a new one through Kayakalp Vidya. Following the Chinese invasion of 1962, Dadaji left his Himalayan abode and settled down at Amarkantak temple. He chose Amarkantak temple because, it was an important pilgrimage centre where nearly 4 crore pilgrims visited every year and where Lord Shiva himself makes his presence felt in the form of the Narmada River. His Holiness Barfani Dadaji was known as Hari Dutt Dubey during his childhood years.

The very word ‘Baba’ has to the Indian mind, a unique sweet resonance evoking images of a loving mother, a protective father and a kind but strict spiritual mentor. Like Shirdi Baba and Sri Satya Sai Baba, Barphani Baba also is a centre of Divine Energy that heals physical and psychological ailments, that grants the desires of devotees only to help them reach the peace - promoting desireless state that can be ushered in when the limits and limitations of the ego are shattered.

Sri Barphani Baba is living proof that, with yogic powers, an evolved man can defy and defeat the so-called immutable biological laws of nature like growing old and becoming decrepit. The duly recorded birth day is Diwali 1792, which means that he is now two hundred and six years old. The answer of the eighty year old and ninety year old disciples of Barphani Baba to queries about Baba’s actual age is invariably, “No one knows. All we can say is that we first had darshan of Baba when we were young boys. He has not changed. He looks now exactly as he did at that time". Some claim that Baba is thousands of years old. In fact, nobody knows his real age.

Baba’s father Ramdutt Dubey was a Brahmin feudal lord living in the village Dodekoda, (District Unnan) in Uttar Pradesh. He was a good and pious man, well-liked by everyone. God gave him everything any human being can ever wish for, except children. When his first wife failed to give him any children he was advised by elders in the family to marry again and he did so. But he had no luck this time also and married a third time. When fate decreed that this should also be a barren union, the now desperate Ramdutt went with his wives to Omkareswar begged Sri Gowri Sankar Maharaj to give him the boon of children. The compassionate Baba from whom Shirdi Baba received his initiation into the spiritual path, took pity on Ramdutt and giving two whacks each to the first two wives of Ramdutt with his “brahma dandam”, the cane he carries, he blessed them and said they both would have children but that the youngest child should be given tohim to be made a sadhu. Ramdutt and his wives agreed to the condition and went home.

The Sun and the Moon may stray from their course but the words of Mahatmas never fail. In the course of time the Dubey family was blessed with four sons and the youngest, Haridutt is the saint now worshipped by devotees as Barphani baba. The boy in his eighth year was handed over to Dhunivala Baba.

A Godman named Arjundas, who had an Ashram at Ayodhya visited Saikeda at about the same time and Dhunivala Baba entrusted to him the care of child Haridutt. With Arjundas and his disciples Barphani Baba went on a tour of all the major shrines in India. He spent ten years in Benares learning Sanskrit from Vidvan Sri Kola Brahmachari. The Vidvan also gave lessons to his young disciple in Logic, Grammar and Ayurveda. After mastering these subjects Baba went to the Himalayas to do “tapas”. In the next decade he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pitorghad, Tibet and Manasa Sarovar and after years of intense and extremely difficult to follow spiritual practices he acquired many occult powers. Many esoteric yoga secrets were explained to him by Himalayan Masters like Languria Baba, who, living in an invisible form at Jnanganj selects eligible aspirants and imparts to them many yogic powers.

Godmen like Barphani Baba are born to accomplish a particular chosen mission in life and till they achieve that goal they have to be physically fit to endure all hardships in all sorts of climates. Keeping this in mind, Barphani Baba with the help of Siddhi Ganesh Lama of Tibet, underwent “Kaya Kalpa Chikitsa”, (a rejuvenation procedure prescribed in yoga) at the age of 136, i.e., in 1928, and manages to retain the vigour of youth even after crossing two hundred and six. Barphani Baba himself told some of the Ashramites that Puleria Baba taught this rejuvenation technique to him, to Ganesh Lama, to Dr. Rambhaji and to many others including some Godmen who are now residing in Australia. Even today he initiates Buddhist Lamas into several orders. Sri Baba is an adept in Lama Vidya (travelling in air with the physical body,) and Khanda Vidya (separatingparts of body and again connecting them).

One of Barphani Baba’s disciples, Moni Baba heads the Ashram at the remote village ‘Ram mandir’ in Gujarat had the good fortune of receiving this rejuvenation from the hands of his master.

Chief among the many Ashrams of Barphani Baba is the Ashram at Amarkantak on the banks of the holy river Narmada. Baba chose this place because four crore evolved souls reside here in invisible form. Sri Hanuman and Sri Aswatthama are among the regular visitants to this place. It is only the merit accrued from many previous lives, combined with a highly evolved Guru’s grace that allows one access to this Ashram located in breath takingly beautiful surroundings. The towering mountains all round it, the pure air fragrant with incense, camphor and the scent of rare medicinal plants like ‘Gulebakavali’ have rightly made it the centre for Baba’s many instructional courses in such incredible subjects as coming out of the body to enter a dead person’s body, learning the secret of eternal youth, mastering the ability for astral travel, the technique of walking across water, the science of awakening the kundalini and so on.

Baba’s second major ashram is located in Indore. Here the idols of Mother Tripura Sundari, Bagla Mukhi are installed. Sri Ramayan Das, a disciple of Barphani Baba, looks after ashram known also for the reasearch centre for medicine. With the knowledge of Vedic herbs taught here aspirants have cured people suffering from many life-threatening diseases like cancer. Plans are afoot here to establish a research centre for hitherto unravelled secrets of occultism and ancient yogic practices.

It is beyond human comprehension to know anything about the ‘sensors’ used by Godmen to pick up channels through whom their mission of world welfare would be carried out. It is a matter of rejoicing for us that Master EK was most definitely one such Godman. It is only his grace that enabled a few of his disciples to spend ten days in Barphani Baba’s Ashram. Baba’s sending through them a “Meru” and a ‘Salagram’ to be installed in the shrine room of Sri MRL, one of Master EK’s closest disciples (a favour Sri MRLearned for his devout and affectionate nature, profound scholarship and dedication to the cause of implementing Master EK’s teachings) shows that our lives are an open book to Godmen and events are not accidents but fruition of the Divine will manifesting through these pure hearted brothers. 

Sri MRL, used as he was to receiving visitors at all odd hours of the day and night seeking his advice for medical or astrological problems was astonished to find a young lady Ms.Anuradha Bindal, from Raipur, knocking on his door and informing him that Barphani Baba had sent her to him to receive advanced instruction in astrology and other occult subjects. She also told him that all she was told was to go to Visakhapatnam and meet Mr. MRL and that her faith in Barphani Baba helped her to locate his address from among the hundreds of others in the city who bore the same name as MRL.

Godmen’s lives abound in miracles or at least what we in our as yet unenlightened state consider miracles, though to the Godmen performing them they are natural occurrences normal in the dimension of the reality of the sixth sense.

The miracle of Barphani Baba reported to Sri MRL concerned the experience of Ms.Bindal's parents. As a teenager, her father, a contractor was a devotee of Baba. But later on in life, caught up in the rat race of modern day living he stopped meeting Baba. He got married. One day when he was away and his wife was all alone in the bungalow, she came across an old calendar carrying a portrait of Lord Vishnnu. As she gazed at the picture it seemed to come to life. The next minute, to her utter surprise a strikingly divine looking old man with a flowing beard emanated out of the picture and stood before her. She was too overawed to speak and the old man told her that her husband was once his disciple and that he wanted him to come and meet him as he had an important piece of advice to pass on to him. Saying this he vanished.

The contractor’s wife immediately phoned to her husband to come home urgently. When he came she asked him if he had a Guru in his younger days. He thought for some time and replied “Yes. His name was Barphani Baba”. She then asked him to describe hisGuru. He described Baba exactly matching the old man she had seen earlier. She recounted everything that happened. They spent a sleepless night wondering where and how they could meet Baba because he left no address and the contractor, being out of touch with Baba for nearly fifteen years, had no idea where he could be found.

Next morning through an amazing coincidence, in a newspaper wrapped round something they bought, they found a brief mention of a mysterious Sadhu creating a sensation in a nearby village by his astounding occult powers. The photograph printed along with the news report was that of Barphani Baba! That evening the couple went to the village to seek Baba’s blessings. Gently chiding the contractor for forgetting everything he was taught about sadhana, Baba suggested to him a solution to a financial problem that had been weighing on his mind and they vouched to Mr. MRL, based on their experience that the love with which Baba looks after the welfare of his devotees is a thousand times more intense than that of one’s own mother.

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spiritual calling :: i you want to make yourself touched with SIDDHASHRAMA TOUCH ME.((FOR VIOLET AFFECTION))












CONTACT:: DISCIPLE :: RAHUL – FOR ((MORE INFO )) +919038566044



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The Enlightenment

            After joining this site, it becomes none of your business which direction you have to move on to, standing on the crossing of this site.
            The site sounds nice because of its tremendous and brilliant features enclosed with it. Inside this site is the courtyard of all the solutions of life – this very life. This site consists of some added features that could be seen through browsing the site. The number is rapidly increasing each and every hour because of its marvellous variety and in-depth information and is run by the bonafide persons of the site. The persons varying from different corners of the world are helping and assisting with their heart and soul.
            You might be one of those flowers of the garland. Be friendly to our callings without listening to the mind; rather pay heed to your heart and its purview.
            Why to click on this site although there already exists a number of sites on the same affairs and agenda we have launched of late. How it is different and distinct from other sites spread across the cosmos. Do get in once heartily to our isolated site, never seen before. This site is just to assist us in fortifying humanity against the disaster soon to happen.
            The site doesn't demand anything from you, but your constant endeavours. The living existence itself has been entire need of care and compassion for the last twenty years.
            The present scenario could not be sensed until the site reveals itself. We have succeeded in building a family of all walks of the earth. Don't drop any mortal duty assigned to you. Do get in and peep inside. There is something which yours and yours only. You have to await that diamond, i.e. there unfolded and untouched for immemorial times. The science has uplifted humanity to stage beyond the imagination where everything has become nice, easiest and, of course, convenient. But surprisingly it doesn't have the resource to provide the inner peace and the fountain of coolness, tranquillity and serenity.
            This site firmly beliefs in constructing family members irrespective of the taboos of the society. And this is being headed by none but mutual cooperation. We have built a family of thousands of aspiring persons so far and the entrance into this family is welcoming. The magnitude and volume of this family is gradually swelling day-by-day. The divine love is increasing gradually world-wide through this site.
            You are the most beautiful flower of our garden, so come do meet those who are really yours and have been far away from you in course of times and eras. Now is the time to embrace and you will definitely feel we are yours.

With All The Blessings.
                                       -Sat Gurudev ( Swami Keshwanand Paramhans)

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Dear all,



This is a most remarkable dakini. During my stay in Nepal between 1982-1992 I went to see
her many times for darshan. For over seven years she never left a small cement room at
one of Hinduism's holiest places, Pausupatinath. For the entire period and some time
before, she took no food or water, and often spent days on end in breathless samadhi. I
hadn't seen her in over 12 years and was not sure I would find her at her previous dwelling. I
went there and found her room empty; but upon gazing about the large courtyard, I saw her
in the distance teaching some devotees beneath a tree. I approached her and reminded her
who I was. She remembered me immediately and actually cried several times reminiscing
about the many times I brought my daughters and their Mom to see her, and many other
people as well. I requested her to talk a bit about her life and how she acquired the siddhi of
not needing food or drink for so long.  This led into a talk lasting over two hours that
covered not only  much of her life, but yogic practices as well, and her insights while in
samadhi. She also discussed the world's recent calamities, both natural disasters and man
made ones.  Among the interesting insight she had while in samadhi was a vision of the
king's assasination before it happened. When she mentioned it, an elder sitting beside me
acknowledged that she had mentioned the vision to him before the unfortunate event

Look for a bio of her life here in a week or two. Also, fortuneately I had my ipod with me and
recorded our entire conversation. I will also post this when I have time to translate it.

Bio Translation Below: This Bio was given to me in Sanskrit, Hindi,
and Nepali by Mataji on my 2005-2006 Nepal visit

              Mata Lila Devi

Invitation Letter

Hundreds of Mahayaggas (great sacrifices) have been performed so far for the sake of renaissance of Vedic
Sanatan Dharma (ancient Vedic religion), Continuity of the royal throne, progress and prosperity, public
welfare and world- peace through the infallible will and Inspiration of Trishakti, Shaktimata, Shree Lila Devi, who
is gracefully present at Bankali Dharmashala, incarnated as Para strength, the bearer of the supreme yoga
and prosperity and the benevolent mother of entire world according to the wish of supreme God in the shape of
Om, in the land of demigod, penance and holy land of Nepal. In order to achieve the goals mentioned above,
Shree Shaktimata has decided to perform different Yajnas namely Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hom,
Dhanyachal, Brahima Mahapuran, and Vishnupuran that will be started from  coming Baisakha, on thirteenth of
2058, an auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, Thursday and finished on the seventeenth of the same month,
Monday, Saptami Tithi. The Parayans of Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hawan, Dhanyachal and Brahma
Puran will be organized at Sallery Gupha Hunga Village in Gulmi District by Shaktimata herself while
Vishnupuran Yagya will be managed to be performed at Trishakti Samadhi Kendra, in Bankali Dharmashala
located at Pashupati area, Kathmandu. All of you are requested to come with family to the Yagyas mentioned
above and be blessed with the grace of cosmic energy.

Trishakti  Shanti Parishad
Pashupati Area, Bankali Dharmashala
The articles can be offered in Yagyas are: - The leaves of holy basil, fruits and flowers, incense, oats, and
sesamum seeds
The articles can't be offered in Yagyas are: - corns, metal, money and coins.
The devotees and the gentlemen!
The victorious over nature, Param Yageswarvati Shree Shaktimata Lila Devi is well known to us as Jagadamba
the united form of Trishakti (Mahakali, Maha Laxmi, Maha Saraswati) Today, let us first offer a song of praise to
her sacred feet :-
Oh, Trishakti mother! I always pay my salutation at your lotus like feet which seem to be a wish yielding tree.
Oh, divine mother! I am unable to see through your divine deeds, you are the source of cosmic drama and you
make the world holy place to live in.

Shree Shaktimata in the form of unusual divine power:

During the first period of her fasting without any food and water, Param Yogaiswaryavati Shaktimata was
victorious over nature and radiated with glow. She didn't come out from the meditation room, continuously
performed her Puja and felt ecstatic joy for seven years. With a view to achieving public welfare and
World-peace, she continued her mental prayers, meditation, austerity, etc. and she didn't have any food and
water, she didn't feel any cold, sleep, (drowsy), hunger, thirst, and passion at all and she didn't get any sweat
on her body and even she didn't sneez. Regarding the dissatisfaction originated through disbelief in ancient
Vedic religion and disregard towards humanity, when the mother spoke advisedly, offered her prayers to god,
felt pity on poors and misfortune people, even the mountains trembled in grief and wept into tears.

The world had to be narrowed when she walked and the time was slow when she had rest. She had the
discussion and conversation with divine power in trance meditation for months, she was invisible for months.
Her body denoted with Trishakti energy couldn't be decayed by water, dried by wind, burnt by fire. The doors,
rooms, mountains, rivers, seas and the sky couldn't stop her. All that has happened as she was victorious over
nature and even at present she has her power over nature accordingly and the water, wind, fire etc...
Mentioned above haven't been able to influence their power over her body. The entertainments of her mind
are boundless like miracle beyond miracles, the holiest among sacred places, the greatest among pilgrimages,
the best among virtuous, the most illusion among the cosmic dramas, but they all are accessible to be devoted.

On fourth of Ashadh month, 2043, on eleventh lunar day, Wednesday, Shree Shaktimata firstly performed the
rituals of invisible theory, disappeared radiantly from fourth room number of Brankali Dharmashala and visited
in different pilgrimages where she dropped the remaining articles of the religious sacrifices completed earlier.
She took the water from holy rivers and arrived at Badrinathdham. Only there she took some part of articles
offered to Badrinaath and all of the Yagyas performed earlier by herself. Thus having played such invisible
diversions, the next day after 29 hours, she appeared before her seven devotees dropping the water fountain
from her matted hair in her meditation room at Bankali Dharmashala. Some learned devotee wrote mentioning
about the glory of her such cosmic dramas:

Oh, friend! The cosmic dramas played by her mother Lila aren't mere dreams, imagination, magic, nor they are
the advice of other people; they are not Mantras nor magic. This is the direct evidence experienced by the
millions of people and such things are neither written nor believed in modern science.
Her body is full of loveliness, freshness, energetic, agility, whoever she happens to see, she showers the
compassion on them. Even her matted hair seems to be gracious. Who is such a great Lila? The peace river of
the salvation.
Taking a single sword, she cuts down the griefs and sufferings of the world, shares her virtuous nectar with the
other people, takes the negativity from them, teaches the knowledge of salvation, and she says: "Oh, poor
people! Come and don't mind having test on me". Being always ready, she roars while walking.
Some Sanaskrit poet fully sunken in the devotion of Jagat Janani, Param Yagaiswaryavati, Lila Devi, thus
created poems on the title of "Lila's glory".

Oh, mother Lila! Your seen and unseen activities are full of pleasant, in comparable and full of natural
panorama you are the source of prosperity, supreme goddess and holy mother of the world.
You are the supreme ascetic, creator of living and non living things,
You are the mother of never ending nectar and ever lasting compassion bearer.
You are Parvati, the charming wife of the lord of Kailash - Shiva, and the beautiful lover of the Lord Shambhu,
You are the lover of God sleeping on the snake called Shesh Naag and the chasteful queen of Vishnu - the
great Vaishnavi,
Your are the lover of supreme god Brahma and the auspicious plantation of creator, the Para-goddess Durga,
the protector of the world - Mother Lila is praisable,
The rays of the sun and moon may become dim but the light of your lamp.
The Vastness of the river may narrow in some places, while break off in other places,
The height of the Himalayas may rise and fall in places,
But the great life story of mother Lila will never fade out.
Similarly, a Hindi speaking poet, being surprised at the miracles created by Shaktimata, wrote on the title of
"Lila Devi's" shorthand introduction.
Where the King is worshipped as a god and devotion to the monarchism is supposed to be the spiritual
Where everybody is treated as either Lord Shiva, or Goddess mother,
Where Trishakti Shree Shaktimata Lila Devi has incarnated for the upliftment of the Vedic religion and welfare
of the King and his subjects,
That is Nepal - the zenith of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, peaceful, sacred and large in size.
Shaktimata, Lila Devi is an extraordinary genius of the world,
She is the full source and form of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati,
The Kingdom of Nepal has been blessed and this huge earth including seven ocean have been overjoyed by
her incarnation.

The Incarnation of Shree Shaktimata and her miracles:

The magnificent garden of the pleasant nature, the play ground of the gods and goddess the holy land of the
pilgrimages, the most auspicious land of Vedas, the first land of the creation, the source of spirituality and
peace and the most sacred land for spiritual practice, all these are the specific features of Nepal.
In the very holy land, Param Yogaiswaryavati Shaktimata Lila Devi was born as a daughter of mother Ramma
and the father Rukmanagad Kharel, a devotee of Vedmata Gayatri, in a village called kharwang Dhumi in Gulmi
district on eleventh lunar day (yogini Ekadasi), 4th of Ashad 2004 Bikram Era in an ascetic Brahmin family. Her
birth time was at about six o' clock on Saturday morning within the period called Kaalvela (death period) in

Her father was a mum-ascetic and her mother - a devotee of goddess Durga and Swasthani. As mentioned
earlier, she was born in 'Kaalvela' and as per the Hindu tradition, when a baby is born in such period, the gun
is fired at all four direction to cut the debilitation of the time. Thus it seemed as if the divine power had hinted
the signal of victory over death period of time. On the day of name giving ceremony, the astrologer predicted
about her peculiar character. She was brought up in a strict purity. In this way, child Lila Devi was growing up.

This one is the one hundred eleventh birth of Lila Devi. She was born as only girls, passed away in her early
ages, and in Brahmin families in all her one hundred ten past lives. This one is the only birth of her in Kaliyuga
and this is the last birth for her also. Lila Devi Spent her childhood in supporting her parents worshipping and
spiritual activities and she herself also prayed, meditated and self absorbed even when she was walking and

All of a sudden, she was married to a cultured Brahmin Sharmananda Neaupane at the tender age of thirteen.
Some years after her marriage, Shreemad Bhagawat Yagya was being performed in her house during the
period of Navaratra in Dashahara. She used to worship Navadurga since childhood. She got the virtuous
audience of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati at midnight on the eighth lunar day of Navadurga
(Mahastami). She had got their direct company, blessing, teachings and interaction with them for two hours.
She came to know about the stories of her all past lives. At last, she was fed nectar by those divine mothers for
three times and she thus oriented towards salvation. In this way, from the age of fifteen, she began to become
both Lila Devi and Shaktimata turn by turn.

Whenever Lila Devi had to face with problems, she used to pray Shaktimata who simply solved her problems
until the age of 24, she was very shy, polite and ideal housewife. She became the mother of three sons. At nine
o' clock at night, on the new moon day, one day earlier to the beginning of Chaitra Navaratra, she stopped
feeding milk to her eighteen months youngest son and suddenly disappeared. After nine days, on the day of
Mahastami, in the form of Mahakali, she appeared in her worshipping room and granted her audience to
Sharmananda Neaupane - the husband of Lila Devi. In this way, from the year 2025, usually being invisible,
she kept on visiting, bathing and meditating in trance in the heavenly lakes inside the Himalayas, inside great
oceans, at pilgrimages, holy places, ghats and sacred ponds. Until the year of 2036, she has disappeared and
appeared for thousands of times. Sometimes in the locked room, sometimes in the flowing river, sometimes in
the deep ponds. During the period from 2025 to 2029, when she used to become visible in the streams of the
Himalayas, some one had to wake up her, warm up her, and feed her with to juicy drinks.

From Nirjala Ekadashi of 2029, she declared not to eat or drink anything for the period of fourteen years. Thus,
from the year of 2029 to 2042, she didn't even drink the water used in mediation rituals. From 2029 onwards,
Shree Shaktimata spent more time in research activities while less time in invisible. In the mean time, rest
houses were built and the sacrifices were performed. During this period, she visited and shared her virtuous
company throughout the country and travelled to whole India. The then Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira
Ghandi got a chance to have an audience and company of Shree Shaktimata in New Delhi, in 2034. His
Majesty the King has also had an audience heavenly company of Shree Shaktimata for many times.

Shree Shaktimata firstly got into the fourth room number of Bankaali Dharmashala on Monday, 6th of Falgun,
2037. In this room 361 different great sacrifices have been performed by her till now. Since then, Shree
Shaktimata has been residing at Bankali Dharmashala, lighting the undivided oil lamp continuously,
worshipping Panchayan (the five chief gods of the Hindus), performing Yagyas  sharing good company with
people and meditating in self absorbed.

In the year of 2042, she completed the full oblation to the penance of fourteen years of obtaining from water to
drink and food to eat. She took some small particles of clove and nut offered to the deities of the Yagyas
performed earlier for fourteen years and a little article of dry fruits and other things offered to Badrinadth.
Though she consecrated her fasting ceremony she hasn't taken any food, water, fruits or any kind of articles
offered to deities till now. And she is thus victorious over nature. She is the supreme goddess of natural and
supernatural things, all in all and unlimited source of cosmic affairs. She has become impatient like a mother
who is trying to save her baby from fire to make an end of the sins and misfortunes in the world. Bearing an
unbroken lamp of knowledge and austerity, she has walked in every nook and corner and burnt the heaps of
sinful activities of the world.

"Let me give all your crimes sins, griefs and misfortunes, I shall give you the salvation", says Shaktimata. She
can't bear with the sufferings of the other beings. To achieve the great objectives of public welfare, peace of
world and making the hell empty, she is always busy in mental prayers, meditation, penance and performing
sacrifices. She is in a sort of self absorbed with divinity. Thus, she is used to performing Yagyas to regain the
full result of the programms started by herself provided that she herself is the source of divine power. She has
completed many Yagyas in the past. Undivided burning lamp, Yagyas and austerity all these have become her
worldly life style. She is compassionate and affectionate mother, though in reality; she is an unlimited source of
cosmic power.

Highly compassionate mother is immovable like a mountain and bottomless like a sea in her belief, austerity
and devotion. We shouldn't make any mistake just seeing her material woman body. She is always virtuous,
released from earthly bondage and in the form of super consciousness. In fact this is mere body of Lila Devi,
but the integrated and consciousness form of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati is continuously existing in
her body and making Lila Devi do the act of austerity and spiritual practice. That's why she is abounding in self
absorbed. She is operated through a state of God union and all her actions belong to super consciousness.
As Shree Shaktimata Lila Devi graciously told us, this one is her one hundred and eleventh birth. Her last three
births were occurred during three ages called Satya, Dwapar and Kali. In Satya Yuga, she passed away while
she was offering her pray and austerity to god Laxmi Narayan at the age of nine years and nine months; in
Treta Yuga, she died at the age of ten years and ten months while worshipping god Sita Rama. Similarly, in
Dwapar Yuga, she left her body at the age of eleven years and eleven months while offering her devotion and
prayer to almighty Radha Krishna Damoddar. Thus, Shree Shaktimata Lila Devi, who had spent fully ascetic life
in all her one hundred and ten past lives, was born in a village called Karwang Dhumi in Gulmi District. Shree
Shaktimata is radiantly embodying in same body till this date.

The Journey of Shree Shaktimata to Siddhashram:

In accordance with the inspiration of divine power, Shree Shaktimata had visited the most virtuous and
ravishing but in accessible place among the eternal places situated Kailash zone in the Himalayas. The
description of the most sacred place she told us at many occasions is given below:

At the hilltop of the Himalaya above Damodhar Kund, and in the middle part of that hilltop there seems a place
looks like a pond, where nobody can reach without the grace of supreme lord and applying the method of
becoming invisible. After entering inside from the pond looking place and going to the place down at the hill
foot, we happen to see a large wide and extremely beautiful lake. In the middle of the lake, there is an island,
and on the island there is a temple which has many large and black Shivalingas inside it. There is a most
ravishing garden around the temple, and the garden is surrounded by a forest with fruits bearing trees. The
water in the lake is extremely pleasant and crystal like clear. There are white Shaligrams in the middle of the
lake. The lake is surrounded by a fence decorated with snow.

There is a hermitage with one hundred and eight rooms built on that island and fifty five supreme ascetics
reside in separate room. In the middle part of the hermitage, there is a large prayer room. In the entire period
of Kaliyuaga, only one hundred and eight yogis will be able to reach there. The cows living there get pregnant
without a bull and keep on giving milk continuously for twelve years. They only bear heifers when they are
pregnant and they drop as much as milk the yogis need in a certain pot by themselves and after that they are
off to the forest.

All the seasons are mixed with the weather in general. Neither the sun shines scorchingly during the day nor
does the black dark visible at night there. The visibility is clear throughout the day while light is dim during the
night. The sun rises only at noon for about two minutes once a day. The longevity of the great ascetics living
there is under their will. Now, eleven hundred and fifty years old yogi is living there. The youngest one among
them is a nepali yogi who is one hundred and eighty five years old. Another is a Chinese yogi. Except these
two, all of them are from India. Yogis and cows are only beings living there. Nothing decays over there. The
place is extremely beautiful and blissful, which full descriptions can't be mentioned here.
On the request of the long-lived saints in Siddhashram situated in the middle part of the Himalayas, Param
yogaiswaryavati Shree Shaktimata with radiant aura and long matted hair, wearing red dress, making trident
shape one her forehead with ashes, applying the ancient language of Omkar (ç) is deeply engaged in daily
prayer, worshipping and meditating in trance at Bankali Dharmashala located at Pashupati area for the sake of
public welfare and the peace of world. She gives her audience, advice and articles offered to deities to the
devotees of her community and keeps on offering her prayer to the divine power for the progress and
prosperity of the monarchism, nation and the people.

Residence at Devapattan:-

Some poet has written in poem in this way on the subject of shree Shaktimata's journey to the Himalayas and
her spiritual practice at Bankali Dharmashala, Devapattan in accordance with the request of the great saints in
Siddharshram in order to make the public better and create peace in the world:-

(Journey to the Himalayas):-

I got to the Himalayas and met several wise saints who are long lived, great contemplators, have holy souls like
I used to be deeply engaged in meditation in Siddhashram situated inside the Himalaya - the parents' land of
Goddess Gauri,
The great shrines inside the snow are graceful like a ruby,
Where the supreme devotees live and recite the hymns of almighty God,
Sweet scent smells from the thousands of flower - plants,
The fruits rare in the world are in bunches, thousand of cows who cause to follow plenty of nectar - like milk,
The devotees and the realized saints, who activate the divine power daily,
I had company with such great saints for some days,
And the matter arose as to how we could follow, save and uplift the Vedic religion,
The heavenly saints addressed and advised me, "Oh, Devid! We have to do the best for public affairs, create
the peace in the world, and close the gate of hell,
Therefore, Devid! Please go to holy place called Devapattan for the purpose of Dharma,
Destroy the grieves and sufferings of the world through worshipping and spiritual austerity,
Be actively busy in meditation and super consciousness for the rise of righteousness,
Perform several yagyas, rituals and religious functions taking it as our advice,
Please set out for the righteous duty having our blessings,
We shall come to see you in different forms at times".
Residence at Devapattan:-
Shaktimata felt compassion when she heard the saints' advice,
And came back to devapattan with the lamp of mercy,
She controlled over all her organs of senses and started fasting without taking food and water,
Mother was radiant with vitality for fourteen years,
For the purpose of righteous duty and welfare of the world,
She herself faces obstacles and performs spiritual austerity,
For the sake of public welfare, she left her family and followed the path of Rama enduring suffer and grief.
Mother had to face with thousands of obstacles while performing Yagyas and rituals and she continued her
great austerity however forbearing all these setbacks she kept the great objectives of Shree Trishakti in her
And had the residence at Devapattan being busy with solicitation and penance a large number of people came
to her to become followers when she got blessings,
Faith and support from devine power,
The supreme lord poured at her with devine source and spoke to her. 'Oh,great lady! Keep this source of
cosmic power as a pledge as you have to carry out the great objectives of supreme lord throughout your life,
You have to complete the work of human welfare and bring peace in the world.
Not a single person but all the humans should get salvation, only then great objective will be fulfilled."
Thus Mother Lila Devi planned to build a city of peace including a hermitage for salvation,
a peace monastery, a Goddess Gauri Trishakti
Temple, a shrine for devotion, and splendid temple of goddess of power.

Shaktimata Shree Lila Devi fully obeys the orders of devine power. At times she hears the cosmic voice that
tells her to perform Yagyas. "Donate this much in so and so pilgrimage," such orders are bestowed to
Shaktimata in Omkar language. This is an aerial voice come through the Omkar sound. She has completed
many yagyas so far and to perform such Yagyas she has never had any kind of support from the other people
and nor will she have in the future too. So many Yagyas have been able to be performed only through the god
gifts and devotional practice.

Five great pilgrimages:

The descriptions of the five great pilgrimages which foundation stones have been laid by Shree Shaktimata
through the great amount of money received from devine grace are as follows:-
1. Bhaktidham (devotional monastry):-
Kharbang Dhumi located in the district of Gulmi is the holy land where the head of Shaktimata first touched the
earth when her mortal body was born. On this very place, the image of Naramadeswar, Omkareswar,
Mahadeva has been set up. The foundation stone of this holy place was laid by Shree Shaktimata on the day
of Shivaratri in 2032.
2. Shaktidham (The holy place of Goddess power)
Hunga sallery Gupha situated in Gulmi district is the working and maternal place of Shree Shaktimata where
she got an audience of Trishakti and was fed nectar by Trishakti. In this sallery Gupha, on the day of Shivaratri
in 2032 Shree Shaktimata herself installed the foundation stone of Lokeswar Mahadev. She has heartly
decides to set up twelve Jyotirlingams there in the coming future.
3. Shantidham (the peace- Monastry)
The foundation stone of this hermitage located at Trivani area in Nawal Parasi district was laid by Shaktimata in
2042. It has been planned to set up the statue of Rameswar Mahadeva at this shrine.
4. Muktidham (The hermitage of salvation)
The foundation stone of this holy place located at Ramghat Sahara bank of river Banganga in Kapilvastu
district was laid by Shree Shaktimata in 2042. It has been planned to build a temple of Shree Vishweswar
Mahadeva and construct the Manikarna pond in this holy place.
5. Shree Gauri Trishakti Shantipuri:-
The foundation stone for this pilgrimage has been laid down at Gaurighat in Pashupati area in Kathmandu. It
has been decided to set up the images of Gauri Bhagawati and Jhankeswar Mahadeva at this holy place.

Shree Shaktimata in the form of Trishakti:-

1. In the form of Shree Mahakali:- Nobody can get any rise in life if he doesn't have determination, enthusiasm,
wealth and strong will power although he is learned and wealthy. For that reason through the devotional
austerity and spiritual practice to the goddess power everybody should equipped with divine power by which
they should save the religion, serve the country and king, do the welfare of all beings and thus they should
make fortunate for their rare life. Without the base of spiritual and divine power, even the public welfare and
the peace of world can't be carried out. Being the chief of the supreme vitality and advisor, Shree Shaktimata is
living in the form of Shree Mahakli, she fills self confidence and self - peace with in everybody and she revolts
against untruth, injustice and ignorance.

2. In the form of Mahalaxmi: - The man always gets problems in every walk of life if he is poor although he is
educated, intelligent and strong. Prosperity itself is the real source of Mahalaxmi (wealth). Prosperity has its
own role even for the welfare of people and peace of world. The wealth gained through g     ood work and
virtuous thought is like a reviving medicine for the rise of Vedic religion and every creature. The treasure of the
entire property Shree Shaktimata lives in the form of Mahalaxmi in order to make the people wealthy and
comfortable through good deeds.
3. In the form of Mahasaraswati: - The man with strength, energy, power, sprirt and wealth but without
education and wisdom may make disturbances and can't progress in spirituality. Shaktimata says, "I am alive in
the form of Saraswati - the founder of knowledge and wisdom, to make the world a better place to live in. The
image of the entire scriptures of all knowledges - Bhagawati Lila Devi, who preaches such advices, lives
feeding the nectar of Saraswati element to everybody.

4. In the form of compassionate Trishakti: - Having the audience of the supreme Yogini, kind hearted Bhayawati
Shaktimata is the audience of Trishakti. Even in such terrible Kali Yoga, Shree Shaktimata abiding in the form
of Trishakti is struggling against sins and grief and praying for the ultimate truth because of our good fortunes.
Because of the ignorance, illusion, disturbance in peace, bad reclamation, bad company and misfortunes, the
entire creatures of the almighty in Om form are confusing and wandering in grief, pressure, suffering and
aching and they are being ground by the grinding machine of birth and death. They are used to committing
sins and bearing with distress.

Seeing such situation, the compassionate weeps into tears. She intends to make the hell empty just for a
minute by teaching true knowledge to these sad people and guiding them to do the virtuous deeds.

Her heart feels terribly pity when she happens to see a large number of orphans, helpless, sick people,
unfortunates, widows right from childhood, prostitutes, degraded and character less people who are bound to
suffer from hellish distress in this world. Some of the people show their poverty in education though they are
learned; some are mentally poor and miser in behavior though they are rich, some are getting married and
setting families following hypocrisy though they have become a monk and some are playing and using with
blood of sweat of the people though they claim themselves as a leader. Seeing all such things, she feels
terribly aching in her heart. Shaktimata has left all her passions and comfortable of worldly things, become a
nun and passed her life as an ascetic. She weeps when she happens to see the sad creatures and knows no
bound of happiness when she sees them in pleasant. She feels extremely terrible even when she sees the
injured insects or birds. Shree Shaktimata is thus living in the form of Trishakti who is the entire source of
consciousness, compassion, will power, devotion and the supreme prospriety.  

Boundless Cosmic games played by Shaktimata:

The close devotees of Bhagwati Lila Devi have experienced her boundless miracles. They have seen her being
invisible right from the beginning when she was blessed with divine power, seen her in austerity inside the fires
burnt circally in five places obtaining from food and water and away from the natural rules, seen her going to
the holy rivers and seas to have bath there, seen her worshipping in four pilgrimages and twelve Jyotirlingams
and after that appearing in her real form from tiny form with fountains of Ganges in her matted hair in the
prayer room of Sadhana Kendra in an overnight. They have seen her giving advice and articles offered to the
deities to his Majesty the King, her Majesty the queen and the other members of the royal family.
The devotees of Shaktimata have an eye witness of the beginning and ending of her fasting without food and
water for fourteen years. They have seen the hundreds of hundreds followers in the queue for a holy audience
of Shaktimata and heard her teaching them, "Do good deeds, be away from sinful activities, handover me
whatever you did in the past, now follow the faultless life, try to see the divine power in Vedas, scriptures, cows,
Bhrahmins, Monks, Saints, sad people, patients and faithful women. They have watched her in a state of God
union for hours in meditation for months. They have an eye witness of her suddenly disappearing and
appearing in the room after months.

Those devotees, who had experienced with such boundless cosmic games, have seen her only being restless
for the raise of royal throne, Vedic religion and the creatures. All of the followers have seen Shaktimata being
busy in undivided austerity so that she can make the hell empty just for a minute.

Shaktimata is utterly helpless because of time

It is natural to be asked a question as every body has a right to have a curiosity that why Shaktimata doesn't
show her divine power if she is really a Shaktimata when such terrible things are being happened. If the cosmic
power of Shaktimata is activated, the opponents and obstructers of the King and the people would know the
truth and reality, the criticize would close down, negligence would go down, greedy, hypocrats and selfish
people would face the complete destruction, the lost offerings to deities would be regained, Panchadham would
be built up, Gauripuri would be complete, the religion and the law and order of the state would get continuous
rise. Therefore, why doesn't Shaktimata herself use of her divine power? It is natural to be asked such
questions. We the people who are alive from food and water can't understand the inner significance of soul,
divinity, cosmic energy and universe. Forget about quickly, we shall not understand these things even in many
Sita herself was the beloved Laxmi of Vishnu, but when she was kidnapped by Ravana in the forest, she said,
"Ah, Rama!" and wept into tears and cries. To the serpentine creature like Ravana, she could burnt into ashes
if she desired, but she didn't so. She kept on waiting for a long time. Ultimately, Ravana was killed naturally
when the time was appropriate. Krishna himself was the creator, the almighty but he appeared to be a normal
man. He could kill Jarasandha at first attempt if he wanted, but he made himself defeated and ran away. He left
Braj land and built his residence in Dwaraka.

When Draupadi was being insulted in assembly, Krishna dropped a saree on her body, but he didn't kill
Dushashan. Krishna could kill all the Kauravas presented in the assembly if he wished to do so. Sita, Krishna,
they all had cosmic powers, but according to law, such powers can be used only in a proper time. The powerful
demigods and incarnations of the supreme lord, themselves had to face and bear with the insults, dishonors
and aggressions. They had to live as if they knew nothing. In order to follow the obligatory duties, they had to
wait for an appropriate time.
Shree Shaktimata is also in the same situation today. She herself obeys the law of destiny, fortune and divine
rules. She wants to tell the people about the glory of rituals and destiny. Though being a mother of universe,
she endures with condemnation, dishonor, insult, negligence, abuse and bad publicity, and she is fully devoted
to the path of spiritual disciplines as if she doesn't have any obstacles. It is better to abolish the entire social
crimes, ignorance and illiteracy only through the path of spiritual discipline, austerity, good behavior, wisdom of
all people and holy rituals performed by the society. Suddenly being impulsive, if someone shows supernatural
power against the divine rule the impossible can be turned into possible, but this makes the people be a lover
of miracles. Therefore, if all the human beings become righteous, honest, moral, truthful, ungreedy and
virtuous, only then their souls will get the permanent miracles and all the problems in the world will be solved

Gautam Buddha born in this world didn't need to go to Saranath to teach the world. He didn't need practice
austerity and wandering hither and thither. But he also had to follow the divine rule and tried to extract the
summary from austerity, investigation and observed through worldly matters. He taught the way of beatitude
salvation following the medium path of spirituality. Any kind of subject can't be completed in a hurry and haste
and to make it perfect, it needs a long term of practice.

The Inhabitants living in this country should fully complete their duties honestly and even the King should also
accept the Vedic Sanatan Dharma with reverence, he should be conscious for the good of public, follow the
dignity of Varnashram system by himself and make the people follow it. "I am born to give something not only
for the laymen but also for the King. Just ask for the help, I shall not make you hopeless. May the opponents of
mine, the opposing parties of the King and the atheists be able to know the truth and wisdom by the help of
spiritual practice done by me. I don't have any hope of support from anyone. There will be a great service and
devotion to this world in this universe if everybody follow the discipline, dignity and truth according to their own
caste, community and religious faith. I shall be happy from such deeds. Personally I don't need to be served".
Such are the great sayings of Shaktimata.

The desires of Shaktimata
Today, in every part of the country, there is nothing but insecurity, breach of the peace, corruption at large,
bad governance and non-stop violence. The peaceful country Nepal has been converted into disorder
situation. Shaktimata wants to see Nepal as an everlasting peaceful zone. She extremely desires that the
people in this country should live under the law of Monarch, divine rule and Vedic religion by accepting the
policy of unity. Shaktimata highly wishes, "May this divine land Nepal be known as respectful country, become
the full source of inspiration and become the peace zone in the world through the liberal thoughts and
behaviour between people and the King. Shaktimata is an ascetic for public welfare.

Shaktimata doesn't want anything from anybody for herself. She expects the manly achievements from
everybody for the sake of world welfare, faith in own religion, devotion to monarchism, patriotism, friendship,
cordial reception, discipline and Satyam Shivam Sundaram. She only wants well-wishes and friendship among
all human beings. The enmity and the conflict among the people should come to an end. All the people should
have the faith that only one god dwells in all beings. He is omnipresent and belongs to all. Shaktimata states, "I
always resides in the form of Brahma in the natural statues and the image set up in pilgrimages and holy
places. I feel happy if these places and images are worshipped with devotion and thus my worship is performed
personally". These are the holy teachings of Shaktimata she often teaches at times.

Shree Swasthani Bratkatha is one of the most popular among the Hindu mythologies. According to the story,
Mrs. Goma Brahmani lost her husband and son, and when she was in lamentful condition, the seven holy
saints came to her, consoled her and told her that if she performed the Puja of Shree Swasthani, the lost son
would back home and be able to be a king also. Goma didn't have enough money to complete Swasthani Puja,
so she mentally prayed that the problem of money for Puja would be solved and when she turned round to see
the great saints, she found her astonishment that they had already disappeared putting seven gold coins
without notice under the mats they sat. Due to the influence of Swasthani Brat performed by Goma, the lost
Navaraj came home and he was successful to become a king of Lavanya country. Similarly, Parvati the
daughter of Himalaya was able to get lord Shiva as her husband, as a result of Shree Swasthani Puja.

Shree Shaktimata has been performing Puja of Shree Swasthani since 2029. The divine gifts presented to her
by the supreme ascetics living in the Himalayas have been believed to be holy result of the devotion to Shree
Swasthani Bhagwati.

How does Shree Shaktimata become happy?

Shree Shaktimata is the real Trishakti who does not want to take anything either from the king or from the
people born in this holy land, but she wants to teach them the path of Satyam Shivam Sundaram and make
them incline to the best achievement. She is the source of lively energy. She is not only the mother of India and
Nepal, but also the mother Jagadamba of the world who is benevolent, kind and nectar feedant. Those who
want to make her happy should be devoted to the monarchism, nationality, patriotism and proved themselves
to be the real human beings. Only then they make her happy. Let us make her happy. Let us not take it
otherwise and unbelieve about the strange divine offerings in the sacrifices performed by Shaktimata. Such
proofs are written in our eloquence. The devotees of Nava Durga Bhagwati have understood about the fact of
the creation of Durga by the supreme lord.

There are innumerable proofs of prosperity and dignity achieved by the large numbers of ascetics as blessings
from divine world. It is mentioned in Raghu Bamsha epic that when Kautsa asked King Raghu to give him
money, Raghu brought the money from the treasure of Kuber and gave him. To perform his Aswamegh Yagya,
Ram brought everything needed from the heaven and completed it in the place called Devaghat in Nepal.
These all have been written in Vedic scriptures. Similarly, the divine offerings also come to Shaktimata. Let us
deeply study the scriptures and only then mistic will be disclosed and the curiosity of wonderful incidents will be

Why did the devotees, who lived together with Shaktimata and had a visible audience of Mahakali, betray
Shaktimata? Someone may ask that the bad behaviour of these people should have been burnt down from the
auspicious audience of Mahakali given to them. But we have read the character of Trishakti in a book called
Durga Saptashati. Shumbha, Nishumbha, Chanda Munda and Mahishasur got the chances to have an
audience of Shakti - Durga, however they revolted and their inclination of revolution wasn't killed down. Attitude
can't be burnt down only through the divine's audience if the person doesn't have unconditional surrender and
devotion. These are the facts that Shaktimata expresses quite often the hidden meanings of the preaching
mentioned above should be considered and Bhagwatimata should be respected as the element of Brahma. To
destroy the demoniac passion, anger, greed, delusion is the first duty of the conscious, virtuous and faithful
man. This is only the fruitful meaning of coming to this world.

The Characteristics of Trishakti, Jagadamba, Shree Shaktimata:-

1. The supreme Yogaiswarvati, Trishakti, Shaktimata has preformed great Yagyas for 361 times so far, in the
room number four at Bankali Dharmashala. But if we count the total number of Mahayajnas performed by her in
all pilgrimages, their numbers are about six hundred.
2. She has got performed the collective Parayan of Mahapurans for eight times.
3. Mata has not been having any food and even a single drop of water; she has released from innate-
tendency and natural bondage.
4. Her message are "have faith in own religion, involve in virtuous deeds, have faith in spirituality, be away from
malefic company, do righteous behaviour, pay homage to dieties etc".
5. She is released from female conducts; she is the eternal source of divine - plays, and the base point of
6. Shaktimata has the meetings with 'Om' the form of supreme creator, for 72 hours in meditation and she has
spent 37 days in the state of god-union; she absorbs in blissful state of divinity even in normal life.
7. She is the protector, operator and circulator of Vedic sanatan Dharma.
8. Silence, worshipping, meditation, prayer, Samadhi etc...are the portions of her austerity.
9. Trishakti, Shaktimata, Shree Lila Devi is always busy in austerity, prayer, and meditation for the rise of public
- welfare and peace of world. In the form of supreme Yogini, she wants to make the hell empty just for two
minutes by her devotion and reverence.
10. Trishakti, Shaktimata, who is devoted to her austerity as per the direction of God 'Om' without taking any
money, wealth, gold, silver, gems, grains etc from anybody, is an asset of the world. We Nepal's are fortunate
to have such a real and compassionate divine mother.
11. Param Aiswaryavati, Shaktimata, Shree Lila Devi is the base of Vedic Sanatan Dharma and she is the full
source of eternal, wonderful and mystics.

The great speeches of Shree Shaktimata:-
At times, Shree Shaktimata tells hundreds of thousands messages to her devotees.
Some of them are hereby described:-
1. "Oh, human beings! Let us exchange sins and Dharma. I shall give you all devotion, monasticism, good
deeds, holy virtues whatever I have achieved. Donate me the sinful deeds and from onwards now, take a vow
mentally, actingly and with speech that you will not commit any kind of bad things in the future"
2. "We can come to know a lot of things if we compare human beings to water. The colour or form of water
changes variously according to the materials it comes to contact with. Similarly the natural temperament of the
humans changes when they are in contact with different creatures. The life should be spotless, clear, clean
and pure like crystal-like water".
3. "We can be saved from many bad things if we have the habit of saying to God, "I surrender you". We people
have to eat what we have decided not to eat, we have to go where we don't want to go, we have to do what we
have thought not to do, we have to speak what we have decided not to speak. It is very difficult to human
beings to be away from the worldly affairs. Even then, if we keep our heart clear, remember the objectives of
our life and pray to God," I surrender before you," definitely we get the grace of God".
4. "The practice of honesty, truth and promise isn't less powerful than the practice of yoga".
5. "The hypocrisy and vanity have made a great loss to Vedic Sanatan Dharma. The religion is the one that is
free from false doctrine and show".
6. "There aren't any religions that can be compared to the devotion of a wife to her husband. The devoted wife
is a visible form of God".
7. "Those who understand the values of scriptures but appear as if they know nothing are suicidal and harmful
to the religion than those who don't know anything about the scriptures".
8. "The men are inclined towards the desire of comfort and happiness but they leave the path of contentment
and embrace the one that only provides them grief. The poor beings! Without knowing the self-realization, they
get into the big mouth of hell. The devotion to God is the medium of comfort, while contrary to this; the desire of
passion is the horrific way that leads to the death".
9. "The main reason of comfort and grief is the result of own destiny".
10. "The knowledge or the practice of the scriptures can be medium, but so far God-realization is concerned,
the man himself is the real source to achieve it".
11.  "The man, wherever he is and whatever he does if he does honestly and assuming that it is the service of
divine power, achieves the supreme divinity".
12. The last and the ultimate goal of human life is God-realization. The main practice of achieving
God-realization is unconditional-devotion. Those devotees who embrace devotion are delighted with blissful
feelings as they know the soul and supreme soul of ever-blissful-God".
13. "The human life becomes sinless, worryless and pressureless by recollection and pondering of God in
every moment of life".
14. "The creator of all these worldly things is embodied in the form of Lila Devi".
15. "My devotees should remember me in their every auspicious work; I am committed to make them success".

The great messages referred as hymns by Shree Shaktimata:
1. "Oh, Arjun! Listen to me again. Nobody can get anything anywhere without completing duties".
2. "Do duty, rely on duty, discuss about duty, surrender yourself to duty, and without fulfilling duty, nobody will
give you anything anywhere in this world".
3. "The mothers of duty are two: the good duty and the bad duty. The former one is strong while the latter
weak. Don't do anything at random leaving the mother of benevolent, will you?"

Shree Shaktimata and the Present:-

An entire period of fourteen years of completing the fasting of obtaining from eating food and drinking water for
two times and living in austerity, meditation, God-union, Shakitmata is continuously and fully dedicated with a
view to achieving bright future for royal throne and Vedic Sanatan Dharma as she has a deep concern
regarding the poverty of the people, disturbance in peace, insecurity, loss in the religion and growth of
atheism. In order to wipe out the fog of illusion from suspicious intellectuals and scholars who have doubts and
arguments upon her not eating and drinking for fourteen years and her victory over nature, the divine power
has predicted that Shree Shaktimata should make a change in life style of the people. Together with the
finishing ceremony of Mahayajna going to be organized on the day of Akshya Tritiya in 2058, and completing
the full oblation to the deities of obtaining from eating and drinking for the period of fourteen years for second
time, the mother has decided to take fruits and water from the day onwards.

Shaktimata is absorbed in the policy of God-union beyond the politics and in every moment, she is in
trance-meditation even when she is awakening. Being sorry from contrary to the methodicalness seen in the
Vedic rituals and deformity in worldly affairs, she is performing the fixed sacrifices according to the Vedic
philosophy and she guides the people in this way. "This is the fault of Kaliyuga, but not the fault done by
anyone", as quoted in the scriptures. The terrible nature of Kaliyuga hasn't come automatically, it has come
because it is wished by God, and accepting this fact, she is preaching that public welfare and peace of world
can rise if the people are reformed in behavior and life style.

So far three hundred and sixty on Yajnas have been performed by her at this Bankali Dharmashala. Now Shree
Shaktimata is spiritually busy in arranging the Mahayajnas namely Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hom,
Dhunyachal, Brahmapuran and Vishupuran that are to be performed from coming Akshya Tritiya, on Thursday
in the month of Baishakh-13th, 2058 and be finished on Saptami Tithi, 17th of same month. When these
Yajnas are completed, the total number of the Yajnas organized and performed by Shaktimata will be three
hundred and sixty eight. Immediately after that Shaktimata has intended to perform the collective Parayana of
the entire eighteen Mahapurans for the ninth times.

On the finishing day of the Mahayajnas mentioned above, the supreme Yogaiswaryavti Shaktimata has taken a
vow to offer full oblation to the deities of abstaining from eating things and drinking water. After that she has
intended to take fruits and water and lead her life of going ahead for the sake of public welfare and peace of

Our request and pray:-

Shaktimata is the mother of visible myth, lively divine power, the rider of the compassionate water pitcher and
the jointly mother for all. Nepal has become fortunate due to the presence of mother. India has also become
fortunate and the world has become dignified being under the umbrella of such a great incarnate mother.

Accepting the request of great ascetics living in the Himalayas and tearing the web of worldly affairs, the
mother is continuously entangling in worshipping, prayer, austerity, meditation, and Samadhi for the welfare of
all beings. In the form of Mahayogini, she is visible Para nature. She is Saraswati: the Goddess of voice and
wisdom, Mahavaishnavi and Bhawani Shakambhari. She is in the joint form of Shailputri, Brahmacharini,
Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri, Navadurga of whose
worshippings are performed during Navadurga every year.

Leaving hypocrisy and false doctrine. Everybody should fully follow the virtuous practice, righteous thoughts,
the path of Vedic sanatan Dharma and good wishing for all beings so that we can make the world peace and
prove Nepal as peace zone. Let all of us heartly accept and follow the inner significance of great speeches of
Shaktimata who says that the devoted, virtuous righteous and spiritual men and women are likely to be
upgraded as Mahatma from the individual souls and thus, at last, when they are blessed by God-Om, they will
be able to arise in the series of supreme souls. Let us have an audience of Shaktimata, listen to her pious
advice and virtuous messages with love and respect and carry out them.

Let us have a share in the Mhayajnas of Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hom, Dhanyachal, Brahma puran
and Vishnupuran organized by Shree Shaktimata in order to avoid the peace-disturbance and insecurity seen
in this holy land Nepal and to restore the feeling of security, peace and tranquility in public life. Let us pay our
homage to the supreme lord and listen to the nectar like messages originated from her luster face.
At last, let us offer prayers to the graceful feet of worldly adored Shree Shaktimata in the form of Mahakali,
Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati at Bankali Dharmashala located at Pushupati area, Kathmandu:-
We offer our salutations for three times to Goddess who lives in all beings in the form of power and strength.
We offer our adorations for three times to Goddess who lives in all beings in the form of Mother.
We offer our extollation for three times to Goddess who is in all beings in the form of compassion.
We offer our greetings to Goddess living in all creatures in the form of peace.
Oh, Goddess mother! Be pleased with entire universe.
Oh, Goddess! You are the creator of living and non-living things.
Oh, Goddess of Universe! Be pleased and save the world.
Oh, mother Trishakti! We always offer our salutation to your feet which are like lotus and wish-yielding tree.
On, Goddess! I am unable to know your boundless cosmic games.
Oh, the creator of cosmic games! Please make the world auspicious and pious.
Baishakh-1, 2058

Trishakti Shanti Parishad
Pashupati Kshetra, Bankali Dharmashala